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Data Collection Framework - DCF

WPs and ARs

Work Plans and Annual Reports

The National Programs and Annuals Reports are prepared by the MS, screened by independent experts and subject to evaluation by STECF in two dedicated annual meeting [here]. On the basis of the proposals by STECF, DG MARE approves the programs and reports. This page gives access to the documents once this process is finalised.

Work Plans

The Work Plans are prepared by the Member States, submitted to the Commission and screened by independent experts, subject to evaluation by the STECF. On the basis of the STECF opinion, DG MARE approves the Work Plans through Commission Decision.
The Work Plans library gives access to the documents once this process is finalised.

Annual Reports

‘The Annual Reports on the implementation of the Data Collection Framework, as specified in Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1283 of 24 August 2018, are submitted to DG MARE by Member States on 31 May each year. The Annual Reports are evaluated by a dedicated STECF Expert Working Group (EWG). The STECF evaluation of the EWG results and the STECF advice on the Annual Reports are published on the STECF website. The Member States are encouraged to address the STECF to improve and meet the standards of data collection in the EU framework’.
The Annual Reports library gives access to those documents.

National Programme

[ ... to be completed ...]
The National Programme library gives access to the documents.

Pilot Study reports

Under the EU MAP 2017-2019, MS ran pilot studies on four different topics, and this possibility was extended for EU MAP 2020-2021. The Commission requested the submission of reports on these pilot studies by March 2021. Then STECF evaluated them, firstly through ad-hoc contracts following endorsement by STECF plenary. The final summary of the pilot studies by topic are provided below. 

  • Pilot study 1 refers to relative share of catches of recreational fisheries compared to commercial fisheries (endorsed by STECF PLEN 21-02) 
  • Pilot study 2 refers to level of fishing and impact of fisheries on biological resources and marine ecosystems. 
  • Pilot study 3 refers to data on employment by education level and nationality 
  • Pilot study 4 refers to environmental data on aquaculture