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Data Collection Framework - DCF

General Information

National Correspondents

The data call working flow for collecting and disseminating information based on DGMARE requests and decisions relies on a network of national correspondents designated by those States that are part of the European Union and falls into the cathegorisation of the call. A list of national correspondents, which is regularly updated, will be made available to the public upon individual request.

Here the current list of National Correspondent.


The EU manages the fisheries resources and the European fishing fleets through the common fisheries policy (CFP). The CFP relies on scientific advice that builds on reliable and solid data collection: Article 2 and 25 of the CFP outline the objectives and the requirements for data collection in the fisheries sector.

The European Commission helps Member States to collect data with financial support under shared management of structural funds (between the Member State and the European Commission through operational programmes) and under direct management (through projects coordinated directly by the European Commission, such as grants).

More in depth DCF legislation:

  • Current legislation
  • Past legislation
  • Legislation in preparation [ currently no legislation in preparation ]