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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Sector Segmentation

The Sector Segmentation is the combination of the main species produced and the main culture technology. In the Aquaculture data call the segments are the following (Table 11 of the EU 2021/1167):



Representation in blocks of the Sector segmentation


  1. Salmon
    Salmon Ponds (seg1.1)
    Salmon Tanks and race-ways (seg1.2)
    Salmon enclosures and pens (seg1.3)
    Salmon Recirculation systems (seg1.4)
    Salmon Other methods (seg1.5)
    Salmon Cages (seg1.6)
    Salmon Polyculture (seg1.7)
    Salmon Hatcheries & nurseries (seg1.8)
  2. Trout
    Trout Ponds (seg2.1)
    Trout Tanks and race-ways (seg2.2)
    Trout enclosures and pens (seg2.3)
    Trout Recirculation systems (seg2.4)
    Trout Other methods (seg2.5)
    Trout Cages (seg2.6)
    Trout Polyculture (seg2.7)
    Trout Hatcheries & nurseries (seg2.8)
  3. Sea bass & Sea bream
    Sea bass & Sea bream Ponds (seg3.1)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Tanks and race-ways (seg3.2)
    Sea bass & Sea bream enclosures and pens (seg3.3)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Recirculation systems (seg3.4)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Other methods (seg3.5)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Cages (seg3.6)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Polyculture (seg3.7)
    Sea bass & Sea bream Hatcheries & nurseries (seg3.8)
  4. Carp
    Carp Ponds (seg4.1)
    Carp Tanks and race-ways (seg4.2)
    Carp enclosures and pens (seg4.3)
    Carp Recirculation systems (seg4.4)
    Carp Other methods (seg4.5)
    Carp Cages (seg4.6)
    Carp Polyculture (seg4.7)
    Carp Hatcheries & nurseries (seg4.8)
  5. Tuna
    Tuna Ponds (seg5.1)
    Tuna Tanks and race-ways (seg5.2)
    Tuna enclosures and pens (seg5.3)
    Tuna Recirculation systems (seg5.4)
    Tuna Other methods (seg5.5)
    Tuna Cages (seg5.6)
    Tuna Polyculture (seg5.7)
    Tuna Hatcheries & nurseries (seg5.8)
  6. Eel
    Eel Ponds (seg6.1)
    Eel Tanks and race-ways (seg6.2)
    Eel enclosures and pens (seg6.3)
    Eel Recirculation systems (seg6.4)
    Eel Other methods (seg6.5)
    Eel Cages (seg6.6)
    Eel Polyculture (seg6.7)
    Eel Hatcheries & nurseries (seg6.8)
  7. Sturgeon
    Sturgeon (eggs) Ponds (seg7.1)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Tanks and race-ways (seg7.2)
    Sturgeon (eggs) enclosures and pens (seg7.3)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Recirculation systems (seg7.4)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Other methods (seg7.5)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Cages (seg7.6)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Polyculture (seg7.7)
    Sturgeon (eggs) Hatcheries & nurseries (seg7.8)
  8. Other freshwater fish
    Other freshwater fish Ponds (seg8.1)
    Other freshwater fish Tanks and race-ways (seg8.2)
    Other freshwater fish enclosures and pens (seg8.3)
    Other freshwater fish Recirculation systems (seg8.4)
    Other freshwater fish Other methods (seg8.5)
    Other freshwater fish Cages (seg8.6)
    Other freshwater fish Polyculture (seg8.7)
    Other freshwater fish Hatcheries & nurseries (seg8.8)
  9. Other marine fish
    Other marine fish Ponds (seg9.1)
    Other marine fish Tanks and race-ways (seg9.2)
    Other marine fish enclosures and pens (seg9.3)
    Other marine fish Recirculation systems (seg9.4)
    Other marine fish Other methods (seg9.5)
    Other marine fish Cages (seg9.6)
    Other marine fish Polyculture (seg9.7)
    Other marine fish Hatcheries & nurseries (seg9.8)
  10. Mussel
    Mussel Polyculture (seg10.7)
    Mussel Hatcheries & nurseries (seg10.8)
    Mussel Rafts (seg10.9)
    Mussel Longline (seg10.10)
    Mussel On-bottom (seg10.11)
    Mussel Other (seg10.12)
  11. Oyster
    Oyster Polyculture (seg11.7)
    Oyster Hatcheries & nurseries (seg11.8)
    Oyster Rafts (seg11.9)
    Oyster Longline (seg11.10)
    Oyster On-bottom (seg11.11)
    Oyster Other (seg11.12)
  12. Clam
    Clam Polyculture (seg12.7)
    Clam Hatcheries & nurseries (seg12.8)
    Clam Rafts (seg12.9)
    Clam Longline (seg12.10)
    Clam On-bottom (seg12.11)
    Clam Other (seg12.12)
  13. Crustaceans
    Crustaceans Ponds (seg13.1)
    Crustaceans Tanks and race-ways (seg13.2)
    Crustaceans enclosures and pens (seg13.3)
    Crustaceans Recirculation systems (seg13.4)
    Crustaceans Other methods (seg13.5)
    Crustaceans Cages (seg13.6)
    Crustaceans Polyculture (seg13.7)
    Crustaceans Hatcheries & nurseries (seg13.8)
    Crustaceans Rafts (seg13.9)
    Crustaceans Longline (seg13.10)
    Crustaceans On-bottom (seg13.11)
    Crustaceans Other (seg13.12)
  14. Other molluscs
    Other molluscs Ponds (seg14.1)
    Other molluscs Tanks and race-ways (seg14.2)
    Other molluscs enclosures and pens (seg14.3)
    Other molluscs Recirculation systems (seg14.4)
    Other molluscs Other methods (seg14.5)
    Other molluscs Cages (seg14.6)
    Other molluscs Polyculture (seg14.7)
    Other molluscs Hatcheries & nurseries (seg14.8)
    Other molluscs Rafts (seg14.9)
    Other molluscs Longline (seg14.10)
    Other molluscs On-bottom (seg14.11)
    Other molluscs Other (seg14.12)
  15. Multispecies
    Multispecies Ponds (seg15.1)
    Multispecies Tanks and race-ways (seg15.2)
    Multispecies enclosures and pens (seg15.3)
    Multispecies Recirculation systems (seg15.4)
    Multispecies Other methods (seg15.5)
    Multispecies Cages (seg15.6)
    Multispecies Polyculture (seg15.7)
    Multispecies Hatcheries & nurseries (seg15.8)
    Multispecies Rafts (seg15.9)
    Multispecies Longline (seg15.10)
    Multispecies On-bottom (seg15.11)
    Multispecies Other (seg15.12)
  16. Macroalgae (Seaweeds)
    Macroalgae Ponds (seg16.1)
    Macroalgae Tanks and race-ways (seg16.2)
    Macroalgae enclosures and pens (seg16.3)
    Macroalgae Recirculation systems (seg16.4)
    Macroalgae Other methods (seg16.5)
    Macroalgae Cages (seg16.6)
    Macroalgae Polyculture (seg16.7)
    Macroalgae Hatcheries & nurseries (seg16.8)
    Macroalgae Rafts (seg16.9)
    Macroalgae Longline (seg16.10)
    Macroalgae On-bottom (seg16.11)
    Macroalgae Other (seg16.12)
  17. Other aquatic animals
    Other aquatic animals Ponds (seg17.1)
    Other aquatic animals Tanks and race-ways (seg17.2)
    Other aquatic animals enclosures and pens (seg17.3)
    Other aquatic animals Recirculation systems (seg17.4)
    Other aquatic animals Other methods (seg17.5)
    Other aquatic animals Cages (seg17.6)
    Other aquatic animals Polyculture (seg17.7)
    Other aquatic animals Hatcheries & nurseries (seg17.8)
    Other aquatic animals Rafts (seg17.9)
    Other aquatic animals Longline (seg17.10)
    Other aquatic animals On-bottom (seg17.11)
    Other aquatic animals Other (seg17.12)
  18. Microalgae
    Microalgae Ponds (seg18.1)
    Microalgae Tanks and race-ways (seg18.2)
    Microalgae enclosures and pens (seg18.3)
    Microalgae Recirculation systems (seg18.4)
    Microalgae Other methods (seg18.5)
    Microalgae Cages (seg18.6)
    Microalgae Polyculture (seg18.7)
    Microalgae Hatcheries & nurseries (seg18.8)
    Microalgae Rafts (seg18.9)
    Microalgae Longline (seg18.10)
    Microalgae On-bottom (seg18.11)
    Microalgae Other (seg18.12)