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Data Collection Framework - DCF


EU Fishing Fleet Socio-Economic data call


Under the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) 2017/1004, we are requesting the economic variables for the fleet detailed in Table 5A of the Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2019/910. In particular, variables on Income, Costs, Subsidies, Capital and Investment, Financial position, Employment, Effort (energy consumption) and Enterprises/units.

We are also requesting fishing activity variables (Capacity, Effort and Landings) for the fishing fleet set out in Table 4 and social variables in Table 6 of the Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2019/910.

Member States are invited to submit these data following the geographical stratification by region set out in Table 5C and fleet segmentation in Table 5B of the Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2019/910.


opening:legal deadline:operational deadline:database closure:
01 March 202330 March 202314 April 202312 May 2023



To be able to upload data you need to use files with a specific structure. The files can be downloaded all at once [here] or one by one from the table below:

base fleet segment data:data at fleet segment level:data at national level:social data:
  • map_social
    (not requested in 2023)

(last update: 13 February 2023)

Important notes

  • The upload tool accepts only Excel files with a specific format, as they are provided:
    • do not change the headers (names and order of columns).
    • the file's name must start with the one provided, any string can be added after provided file name; for example: map_capacity can become map_capacity_2018 or map_capacity_JRC but not JRC_map_capacity.
  • If you need to change or delete values in year X, you need to reupload all the valid values for year X. The system will substitute the new list with the old one for a given year. Changes are executed by year.
  • More important details are summarised in the document [here

Upload and check

upload tool & quick guide
(database storage, final data)
check the data
(refreshed once a day)


General definitions are available in the 'Definitions and Terminology' section. More specific definitions linked to this data calls are here after:

Mandatory variables

templatesmandatory variables

"totves", "totgt", "totkw", "avgage", "avgloa"


"assets", "debts", "hrworked"

"subinvest" "totcrewwage" "totdirsub" "totdeprep" "totdepcost" "totenercons" "totenercost" "totfishdays" "totgtfishdays" "totinvest"

"totjob" "totkwfishdays" "totlandginc" "totnovarcost" "tototherinc" "totrepcost" "totrights" "totrightscost" "totrightsinc" "totseadays" "tottrips" "totunpaidlab" "totvarcost" "unpaidemp"


"totfishdays", "totgtfishdays", "totkwfishdays", "totseadays"

map_fsfao / map_msfao

"totvallandg", "totwghtlandg"


"totves", "totgt", "totkw", "avgage", "avgloa"


Data types

Template FieldsData type
acronym (variable code)predefined string or
valuenumeric with maximum 26 digits and 4 decimals
unitpredefined string depending on the acronyms or
yearinteger between 2008 and 2021 depending on the acronyms or
supra_regpredefined string
fishing_techpredefined string
vessel_lengthpredefined string
geo_indicatorpredefined string
gearpredefined list
fisherypredefined list
activity levelpredefined list: L, A, or leave it blank if not used
cluster_namefree text of not more than 50 characters
sub_regionpredefined string
regionpredefined string
speciespredefined string
achieved_sample_ratepredefined string: NR, or a number between 0 and 100
sampling_strategypredefined string: C, NSS, PSS
coefficient_of_variationpredefined string: NR, NA, number between 0 and 1
frame_populationnumber greater or egual to 0
survey_namefree text of not more than 500 characters
response_ratepredefined string: NA, or a number between 0 and 100
data_sourcefree text of not more than 500 characters
commentsfree text of not more than 500 characters
agepredefined string: <=14, 15-24, 25-39, 40-64, >=65, unknown
educationpredefined string: High, Low, Medium, unknown
employment_statuspredefined string: Employee, Employee full, Employee part, Owner, Unknown
fishing activitypredefined string: SCF, LSF, DWF
genderpredefined string: Female, Male, Unknown
nationalitypredefined string: EEA, EU, national, non-EU/EEA, unknown

Note: upper-case or lower case or camel-case is all accepted by the system.

DCF (historical)

As foreseen in the Council Regulation (EC) 2017/1004, the economic variables listed in Appendix VI of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU, are requested for the years 2008 to 2016 and include variables pertaining to the EU fishing fleet on: Income, Costs, Capital and Investments, Employment, Effort (energy consumption) and Enterprises/units. In addition, transversal variables listed in Appendix VIII are requested on Fleet Capacity, Effort and Landings.

Member States are invited to submit the previously mentioned data following the geographic stratifications set out in Appendix I and Appendix II, fleet segmentation in Appendix III and according to the disaggregation levels in Appendix V of the Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.