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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Work Plans

Repository of regional work plans, national work plans and national programmes

The Work Plans are prepared by the Member States, submitted to the Commission and screened by independent experts, subject to evaluation by the STECF. On the basis of the STECF opinion, DG MARE approves the Work Plans through Commission Decision.

Regional Work Plans

Since 2025 ...

National Work Plans

Since 2017

National Programme

National Programmes (2005 -2016):  Member States multi-annual programmes (referred to as National Programmes, or NPs) are set for three years and contain the Member States' obligations to collect and provide data relevant to their region/fisheries/sectors pursuant to the EU Multiannual Programme. NPs are analysed by the EU's Scientific Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) and are adopted by the Commission.