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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Guidelines for socio-economic variables

The guidelines on socio-economic variables contain definitions and methodology for the variables requested under the EU MAP from 2022. These variables are listed in Tables 7, 9 and 10 in the Annex to Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2021/1167. The guidelines are prepared by the experts from all MS in the regional coordination group on the economic issues (RCG ECON, former PGECON).
Follow these guidelines in planning the data collection and for the data submission. They correspond to:

The handbook on methodology (.pdf) explains the general principles of probability sampling and essential requirements for a good quality survey plan and covers the basic sampling techniques.
You may use this handbook as supporting guidelines in economic data production.
The handbook on sampling design and estimation methods for economic data collection in fisheries was produced under SECFISH (.pdf) project. It aims to harmonise the methodologies of sampling design and estimation methods by providing a practical manual based on the general theory of probability sampling.