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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Data Handling

Data handling procedures for STECF Expert Working Groups (EWGs)

  1. Official Data Call and Legal Deadline: The official data call shall be transmitted to Member States at least one calendar month before the legal deadline for submission of data specified in the data call, but as far in advance of the legal deadline as possible.
  2. STECF EWG meeting: The STECF EWG meeting associated with the data call should preferably be convened no earlier than one calendar month following the legal deadline. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available to allow data checks to be undertaken before the EWG takes place.
  3. Operational Deadline: In recognition of the fact that, based on past experience, data submitted by Member States in response to an official data call may sometimes contain errors and gaps, an operational deadline of two calendar weeks (two periods of seven consecutive calendar days) before the commencement of the STECF EWG meeting associated to the data call shall be established. Subsequent to the legal deadline and pending the outcome of data checks undertaken by the JRC or the Member States themselves, if necessary, Member States may upload amended or additional data up to the operational deadline.
  4. Subsequent to the operational deadline and during the associated STECF EWG meeting, Member States may only provide modifications to data previously uploaded upon request from the JRC or the STECF EWG.
  5. Following the closure of the STECF EWG meeting*, the JRC databases shall be considered final and no further uploads will be permitted. At that time, any missing or erroneous data will be noted in the STECF EWG and plenary reports.
  6. An official data call may contain requests for data that are mandatory under the provisions of Member States' approved National Programs. In addition, a data call may also request data over and above the provisions specified in the approved National Programs. It is desirable that Member States voluntarily provide such data in order that the ability of the STECF EWG to undertake its work is not compromised.


* In cases where two or more STECF EWGs are associated to the data call (e.g. Annual fleet economic report) Member States may be requested to provide updates for up to two calendar weeks (two periods of seven consecutive calendar days) following the first EWG meeting