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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Maximum days at sea

The number of days a fishing vessel can in theory achieve during a calendar year; a maximum value more realistic than the physical maximum of 365 days.

The maximum number of days at sea is used for calculating the Vessel use indicator (technical) “Ratio between days at sea and the maximum days at sea”.


  1. The maximum number of days at sea for a fleet segment can be calculated as the average of the days at sea of the top 10 vessels that were most active in each fleet segment and year (this may not be appropriate if the segment is restricted by any effort regulations)
  2. If it is not possible to calculate the Observed Average Maximum Days at Sea then the Theoretical Maximum Days at Sea can be used; calculated as 365 days minus the days that the MS considers that vessels in the fleet segment will not use for social, technical and/or other reasons, such as weekends, holidays, days to repair and maintain the vessel and weather conditions that make fishing unprofitable or unsafe to fish.

Also see Vessel use indicator