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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Fleet Segment DCR

The fleet segment is defined by the gear code and the vessel length category


gear codes - see codes below

VESSEL_LENGTH = vessel length class - see codes below. It defines the minimum and maximum vessel length of fleet segment.

The segmentation to level 2 is defined in Appendix III of the Commission Regulation 1639/2001, to level 3 in Appendix VIII and to level 4 in Appendix X.



VL0012 = vessels less than 12 metres in length
VL1224 = vessels between 12 metres and 24 metres in length
VL2440 = vessels between 24 metres and 40 metres in length
VL40XX = vessels greater than 40 metres in length




  Level 1 Level 2 (1) Level 3 Level 4
Non Active vessels   non active vessels    
MB Mobile gears      
TBB*   Beam trawl    
NSS     North Sea < 221kW  
NSL     North Sea > 221kW  
NSO     Outside North Sea  
DTS*   Demersal trawl and demersal seiner    
OTB     Bottom trawl  
STB       Single trawl
PTB       Paired trawl
TTB       Twin trawl
MTB       Other multirig trawl
FTB       Four-panels trawl
HTB       High-opening trawl
DSS     Danish and Scottish seiners  
SDN     Danish seiners  
SSC     Scottish seiners  
DTP     Polyvalent  
PTS*   Pelagic trawls and seiners    
OTM     Pelagic trawl  
STM       Single trawler
PTM       Paired trawlers
PEL     Pelagic seiner and purse seiner  
PELFAD       With FAD
PELNOFAD       Without FAD
PPS     Polyvalent  
DRB*   Dredges    
DRH     Hydraulic dredge  
DRO     Other dredges  
MGP*   Polyvalent mobile gears    
MGO*   Other mobile gears    
PG* (VL0012) Passive gears      
FGL     Fixed gears and lines  
FGN     Fixed nets  
FTN       Trammel nets
FEN       Entangling nets
GIN       Gill nets
HOK*   Gears using hooks    
LON     Longlines  
LONSUR       Surface longlines
LONBOT       Bottom longlines
LONMID       Mid-waterlines
HOO     Other gears using hooks  
HOT       Troll line
HOP       Pole line with live bait
HOW       Pole line without live bait
DFN*   Drift nets and fixed nets    
DNE     Drift nets  
FPO*   Pots and traps    
FPT     Fish traps (2)  
FPC     Crustaceans pots (3)  
PGP*   Polyvalent passive gears    
PGO   Other passive gears    
PVG Polyvalent gears      
PMP*   Combining mobile & passive gears    
NOL Vessels with no license      

(1) According to level 2 (appendix III) data should only be reported for the gear codes in bold*.
(2) Including trap nets and pound nets.
(3) With possible subdivision by target species.