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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Fishing regions

Under the DCF, regions are defined in Appendix II of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.
Under the EU-MAP, some regions have been redefined, as in Table 5C of Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1251.
Differences between DCF and EU-MAP are highlighted in the table below:

Region level 2





FAO 21

Baltic Sea

ICES areas IIIb, IIIc and IIId

North Sea and Eastern Arctic

North Sea (ICES areas IIIa, IV and VIId) and Eastern Arctic (ICES areas I and II)


North Sea Eastern Arctic


ICES areas IIIa and IV
ICES areas I and II

North Atlantic

ICES areas V-XIV and NAFO areas


North-Western waters


ICES areas Vb (only Union waters), VI and VII

Non-Union North-Western waters


ICES areas Va and Vb (only non-Union waters)

Southern Western waters and CECAF areas


ICES zones VIII, IX and X (waters around the Azores) CECAF areas 34.1.1, 34.1.2 and 34.2.0 (waters around Madeira and the canary islands)

Mediterranean Sea & Black Sea

Mediterranean Sea (Maritime Waters of the Mediterranean to the east of line 5° 36′ West) and Black Sea (GFCM geographical sub-area as defined in Resolution FCM/33/2009/2)

Other regions

Other regions where fisheries are operated by Union vessels and managed by RFMOs to which the European Union is contracting party or observer (e.g. ICCAT, IOTC, CECAF, etc.). Also see RFMOs - geographical stratification by Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (DCF)


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