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Data Collection Framework - DCF

Fishing Activity - Metier

Under the DCF, fishing activity (metier) by region follows the aggregation at various levels. The complete schema is reported in Appendix IV of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.
Under the EU-MAP, the full schema is reported in Table 2 of Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1251.

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4. Fishing Activity for Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Activity Gear clesses Gear groups Gear type Target assemblage Mesh size and other selective devices
Dredges Dredges Boat dredge [DRB] Molluscs  
Trawls Bottom trawls Bottom otter trawl [OTB] Demersal species  
Deep water species  
Mixed demersal species and deep water species  
Multi-rig otter trawl [OTT] Demersal species  
Bottom pair trawl [PTB]  
Beam trawl [TBB]  
Pelagic trawls Midwater otter trawl [OTM] Mixed demersal and pelagic species  
Pelagic pair trawl [PTM] Small pelagic fish  
Hooks and Lines Rods and Lines Hand and Pole lines [LHP] [LHM] Finfish  
Trolling lines [LTL] Large pelagic fish  
Longlines Drifting longlines [LLD] Large pelagic fish  
Set longlines [LLS] Demersal fish  
Traps Traps Pots and Traps [FPO] Demersal species  
Fyke nets [FYK] Demersal fish  
Demersal species  
Stationary uncovered pound nets [FPN] Large pelagic fish  
Nets Nets Trammel net [GTR] Demersal species  
Set gillnet [GNS] Small and large pelagic fish  
Demersal species  
Driftnet [GND] Small pelagic fish  
Demersal species  
Seines Surrounding nets Purse seine [PS] Small pelagic fish  
Large pelagic fish  
Lampara nets [LA] Small and large pelagic fish  
Seines Fly shooting seine [SSC] Demersal species  
Anchored seine [SDN]  
Pair seine [SPR]  
Beach and boat seine [SB] [SV]  
Other gear Other gear Glass eel fishing Glass eel  
Misc. (Specify) Misc. (Specify)      
Other activity than fishing Other actvity than fishing (OATF)  
Inactive Inactive  
Recreational fisheries Only for these species: Blue tuna, Eels (BFTE) Not applicable