Ar aghaidh go dtí an príomhábhar
Data Collection Framework - DCF
NAFONorthwest Atlantic Fisheries OrganisationRFMO
NEAFCNorth-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
ICCATInternational Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas
IOTCIndian Ocean Tuna Commission
CECAFFishery Committee for the Eastern Central AtlanticRFB
WECAFCWestern Central Atlantic Fishery Commission
SFPASustainable Fisheries Partner Agreements (unidentified)Fishing Agreements
SFPA_NANorthern Agreements
SFPA_IOSustainable Fisheries Partner Agreements - Indian Ocean
SFPA_AOSustainable Fisheries Partner Agreements - Atlantic Ocean
SFPA_POSustainable Fisheries Partner Agreements - Pacific Ocean
PELAGPelagic fisheryOther
DEMERDemersal fishery