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Data Collection Framework - DCF

EU Aquaculture sector

Data call on aquaculture for EU countries

Under the provisions of Council Regulation 2017/1004, we are requesting the economic variables for the aquaculture sector detailed in Table 10 of the Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2021/1167.
In particular, Income (gross total sales, operating subsidies, Subsidies on investments and other income), Operating costs (Wages and salaries of staff and value of unpaid labour, Energy costs livestock costs, feed costs, Repair and maintenance costs, Other operating costs), Capital costs ;(consumption of fixed capital), Investments in tangible assets (net purchase of assets), Financial position (Capital value and Gross debt), Financial results (Financial income and Financial expenses), Raw material weight (livestock and feed used), Weight of sales, Employment (Paid labour, unpaid labour, Total FTE, Number of hours worked by employees and unpaid labour) and Number of enterprises pertaining to the EU aquaculture sector. Turnover and volume of sales need to be detailed by species.
Member States are invited to submit social variables, as specified under their national Work Plans, following Table 9 of the Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2021/1167.
They are also invited to submit listed data following aquaculture segmentation.


opening:legal deadline:operational deadline:database closure:
03 September 202402 October 202408 October 202423 October 2024


Official communications


To be able to upload data you need to use files with a specific structure. The files can be downloaded all at once [here] or one by one from the table below:

  • economic template
  • sales template
  • social template

(last update: 27 June 2024)

Important notes

  • The upload tool accepts only Excel files with a specific format, as they are provided:
    • do not change the headers (names and order of columns).
    • the file's name must start with the one provided, any string can be added after provided file name; for example: map_capacity can become map_capacity_2018 or map_capacity_JRC but not JRC_map_capacity.
  • If you need to change or delete values in year X, you need to reupload all the valid values for year X. The system will substitute the new list with the old one for a given year. Changes are executed by year.
  • More important details are summarised in the document.
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General definitions are available in the 'Definitions and Terminology' section. More specific definitions linked to this data calls are here after:

DCF (historical)

Under the provisions of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU, was requested the variables and number of enterprises pertaining to the EU aquaculture sector (Appendix X). Moreover, turnover and volume of sales need to be detailed by species. Member States are invited to submit the those data following the segmentation set out in the Appendix XI of the Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.